1000 Spotify Playlists Accepting Music Submissions

Last week I launched Playlist Drop. A dataset containing 1000 Spotify playlists that are accepting music submissions. The full dataset is currently available for $10 and can be viewed in Airtable or downloaded as a CSV.

Getting placed on Spotify community made playlists is a fantastic way for musicians to market their music and grow their audience. Getting added to a “hot” playlist could result in thousands of new listeners discovering your music. Unfortunately Spotify does not make it easy for musicians to find and get placed on playlists. It can take hours just to find a handful of playlists that are a good fit for your music. Plus, when you do find a playlist you like, you will also need to hunt down the playlist owner’s contact information. And in many cases, you may not find it.

Playlist Drop is a solution to these challenges. It’s value comes by solving three of the main challenges musicians face when looking for playlists:

  • It’s easy and fast to search
  • Every playlist is accepting submissions
  • Every playlist includes the contact information of the creator

Plus, every playlist has at least 50 followers (as of Feb 28, 2021).

The dataset is a great starting point for musicians looking to promote their music to playlists. There are many more playlists on Spotify then those included in this dataset. But for 10 bucks you get 1000 Playlists to kick off your marketing efforts.

Ideas for how to find Playlists

If you’d like to start searching for Playlists on your own, here are five suggested methods for doing so.

Search in Spotify for Genre + (some variation of "new")

You want to find Playlists that are focusing on new tracks. So if you're Genre is Rock, try searching for "Rock New", "Rock Fresh", "Rock Unreleased", "Rock Underground". This is a great starting point to uncover Playlists that are likely to include new artists.

Use the "Discovered On" section in the Artist profile

Within the About page of an Artist profile, there will be a "Discovered On" section that lists out various Playlists this artist is on. I suggest finding some indie bands that are in your Genre, and looking at which Playlists they have been added to.

Don't ignore Playlists that have fewer than 100 followers

Sure 100 followers doesn't seem that impressive. But you never know who those followers are. One of those followers may be the owner of a Playlist with many more followers. Or they may have a blog and end up writing about your track. So don't disregard Playlists with "low" follower counts. Ultimately I'm trying to find that "sweet spot" of a Playlist that has followers, is accepting submissions, and doesn't have too many tracks.


This is a paid service that lets you buy "credits" and use those credits to submit to playlist owners of your choosing. A major plus is that you're contacting folks that are actively looking for submissions. And you'll also get feedback if you're track is not selected. I've had "ok" success, I'd say out of all my submissions about 10-15% will result in placement on a Playlist. It's not great, but it's another tool in the tool chest!

Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo it

I primarily try to search for Blogs or Music Review sites in my Genre with this method. One advantage is if you land on the website of the Playlist owner, you'll likely be able to get their contact information from the site. I'll also try searching for some variation of "best upcoming Spotify (insert genre here) Playlists". This may return various "top 10" kind of blog posts that could generate some leads.

Playlist Drop

As mentioned in the start of this post, if you’d like to kickstart your Spotify playlist research with 1000 playlists that are accepting submissions, check out Playlist Drop here.